Manual and automatic calibration


Zmorph VX model features two types of calibrations, manual and automatic. Both types of calibrations have its pros and cons.

Manual calibration is faster and more precise but does not compensate possible hardware deflections of XY plane of the heated bed. Automatic calibration takes a bit more time and is less precise but compensates possible hardware deflections of XY plane of the heated bed.

The best option is to combine both methods. First make an automatic calibration, if you feel like calibration is not perfectly correct it by manual calibration. If the machine gets de-calibrated during further use it is recommended to repeat only manual calibration.

Both, manual and automatic, calibration methods are designed for 3D printing workflows. Other workflows like Laser and CNC has its own manual calibration methods described in corresponding sections. 

Note: Remember to make sure that tip of the nozzle is clean. Any filament leftover might disturb a result of calibration.

Manual Calibration

Calibration can be performed in few simple steps:

  1. After the printer was turned on, go to "Maintenance" > "Calibration" > "Manual".
  2. Now toolhead will move to calibrating position and following screen will show up.


  1. When the nozzle is in the proper position, put a piece of paper on the heated bed under the toolhead's nozzle.
  2. Press "Go to Z0".
  3. Using "Down" arrow move Z axis till it touches the paper.
  4. If you feel a resistance made by the nozzle while pulling the paper toward you and it does not tear it and you are also not able to fit the paper again under the nozzle then you have a correct height of Z axis.
  5. Now press "Set Z0" and calibration is complete.


Auto calibration

  1. Turn on the machine.
  2. Attach touch probe cable to black "B" plug on the X-Carriage and to the "RIGHT" plug on the frame of the machine. Note that it is only necessary to plug additional cable while using Single Head extruders. It is not necessary to plug touch probe cable while using Dual Head or Dual PRO extruder while all extruder and X-Carriage cables are connected properly.
  3. In machine menu go to "Maintenance" > "Calibrate" > "Auto".


  1. Wait for the machine to complete the auto calibration in three points.


  1. After successful calibration, the machine is ready to use.


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