ZMorph VX - Unpacking

In order to avoid any damage during transport of the machine or any of additional components, everything is packaged in set of protective foams. Machine should be unpacked by following the presented steps:

  1. Carefully cut the tape that holds top covers of the box.
  2. Open the top covers of the box.

3. Take out the main top tray.


4. Take out two secondary trays.


5. Take out the side trays with the spoolholder and the cnc work table.


6. Take out the printer and put it on a desired work place.


7. Remove side foam protectors and protective foils from covers.

8. Open front cover and remove the work table foam protector and remove the band that holds the toolhead.


We recommend that you keep the original ZMorph box and its infill. It's the best and most reliable way of shipping your machine for servicing.

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