Recipe for Chocolate for 3D Cholocate Printing

The easiest way to start printing with food is to fill the extruder with…Nutella! It’s fast and easy solution for the first chocolate project. There is one limitation – Nutella is great for “flat” prints, not higher than around 6 millimeters, because this kind of chocolate can drool on printer’s workspace.

If you want to print real 3D prints, you need to prepare special thick paste.


- 5 spoons of powdered sugar

- 200ml of hot water (6 spoons of water)

- 3 packages of chocolate icing for cupcakes

Mix all of those ingredients until you will get nice consistency(like a toothpaste), without air bubbles and granules. If the cake is not too thick, you should put more powdered sugar or package of chocolate icing.

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