Getting Started with ZMorph VX - First Print

After unpacking process of the machine is ready to be turned ON and can be prepared to run first print. This article will describe a step by step process how to start a print w standard 1.75 Single Head extruder on ZMorph VX machine.



To achieve the full quality of the first print it is recommended to perform a full calibration of the machine. For tutorial how to do it go here: "Calibration".


File Selection

From welcome screen entering "New Job" menu will automatically open list of gcodes from internal SD card if any file was not selected before. This card contains all necessary files that let printer work properly and also files that are examples of the use of each tool head provided.

In this case, a user should go to "EXAMPLE" > "SINGLE EXTRUDER" and select "Astronaut_175.gcode".

Select the file by pressing on its name.

While a file is selected the machine will automatically move to "New Job" menu.


Check mark next to "File" icon indicates that the file was selected.


Since the prepared exemplary gcode have a preheat feature introduced heating will start automatically and it will be indicated by heat mark next to "Filament" icon. If the machine is heated enough yellow preheat indicator will change to the green check mark.


At this point, a user can use "Prepare Bed" function so the heated bed will move to the maximal front position of the machine letting the user apply any glue to increase adhesion, like Dimafix.

Before we start our print we need to load a filament into our extruder.

Note: If the filament is loaded ten a user can press "Play" button before the machine finishes to heat up, it will result in setting a machine in heating mode, as soon as the heating is completed the printing will start automatically.


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