Getting Started with ZMorph VX - Toolhead Swapping

The biggest feature of the ZMorph multi-fabricator is a versatility. To achieve that ZMorph comes with many exchangeable toolheads. Each toolhead allows user to perform different workflow. Every toolhead can be swapped within a minute and it only require few easy steps.

Before proceeding we will need a Allan Key (size 3) that is provided with the machine.

  1. Turn ON the machine.
  2. Go to "Maintenance" > "Change Tool".

  1. Press "PARK TOOL" button.
  2. Wait for toolhead to reach the position.
  3. Turn OFF the machine.
  4. Unplug all cables connected to currently mounted toolhead.


  1. Loosen the M4 Hexagonal screw that hold the toolhead from the front.

  1. Gently push and pull up the toolhead to detach it.

  1. Attach new one and tighten the from M4 screw using Allan Hex Key.

  1. Plug in left and ,if needed, right extruder plugs to corresponding sockets on the frame.

  1. Connect extruder A plug with X-Carriage A plug and similarly with B plug if needed.

  1. Select attached toolhead in machines menu. Your machine is now ready to use with new toolhead.
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