Tensioning the Belts

After many hours of work the belts might come loose. Tensioning can be done in few simple steps.


Tensioning of Y axis belts for 2.0SX and VX models

In this process following tool will be required:

- Y axis belt tensioning tool

hex key size 2.5

- hex key size 3

- wrench size 7


First step is to mount the tensioning tool in the dedicated slot, like on picture below.


Tighten the screw (marked as yellow), with use of hex key size 2.5, that is a part of tensioning tool so it will not fell off the slot.

For next step you will need wrench size 7 and hex key size 3 is to loosen four bolts (marked as red) that are on both sides of two roller bearings.

Now when the plate that holds the bearings is loose you can tension the belts by tightening the screw (yellow one) on the tensioning tool.

When the belts are tensioned enough tighten the four bolts (red one) that hold the bearing plate. After this simply loosen the screw (yellow) of the tensioning tool and remove the tool.



Tensioning of X axis belts for 2.0SX and VX models

In this process following tool will be required:

hex key size 1.5

- hex key size 2.5

- wrench size 5.5


First step is to remove both side covers. Next step is to loosen the black worm screws that hold the driven gear on shaft of X-Axis motor. The motor is situated on the left side of the machine. Screws are marked as red on picture below. There should be two of them. For this you will need a hex key size 1.5.



After loosing the driven gear, you can proceed to tensioning screws that are on the second end of the X-Axis.



One at the front and second at the back of the machine. For this screws you will need 5.5 size wrench and hex key size 3.

Tightening those two screws will tension the belts.

Remember that the front belt of X-axis is always more tensioned so you should tighten the back screw for equal tensioning on both sides.

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