Multi-material and Multi-color Printing

Multi-color and multi-material printing is one of the key features of Voxelizer. We made sure that applying and changing colors to your prints was as simple as possible.

If you have selected from the welcome screen a toolhead or a printer that allows multi-materiality , the Colors tab will appear in the Settings Editor. Here you have all you need to make your prints stand out.


To apply a material to an object, just drag and drop it. Alternatively, right click on the object and apply the material from there.


There are three kind of material: Simple, Gradient and Texture.

  • The Simple material applies a single gradation of color to the whole object. It can correspond to one of the filaments that you are using or, if your extruder allows color blending, a mix between them.
  • If your extruder allows color blending, the Gradient material will apply a smooth transition of color to your object from the bottom to the top of it.
  • The Texture material will take an image, map it to your object and apply the relative gradations of color to it.

In order to modify a material, just click on it. If you want to create a new one, press on the + icon.



Keep in mind also that you can apply different filament settings for each kind of filament that you are using. For example you could apply a PLA or ABS preset to your left extruder and a PVA or HIPS preset to the support on your right extruder.


Happy multi-color printing!

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