In Voxelizer we have 3 kinds of support:


  • Simple: this is the traditional support composed by parallel vertical walls. There are two default presets available for this kind of support, depending on the density of the structure: light and dense. It can be used for most type of models but you will have to find the right settings (in the relative Support tab) for your specific one. Try to use a low (40%) filament amount to increase the easiness of removal.



  • Outline and Outline & Infill: this support follows the outline of the supported areas, creating a solid structure. It can be with or without infill. It is best suited to support simple and homogeneous surfaces. The relative default preset is dense. You can change the type and amount of infill by right clicking on it and changing the local setting.


  • Tree: the tree support will generate a tree like structure to sustain your model. It is best suited for complicated and fragile models. It also usually allows to save material, compared with the other types of support. For this kind of support it is better to use a Detailed voxel precision preset, as well as a more detailed layer height and path width setting.


For further tricks on how to use the support, see our tutorial: Advanced support and voxel transformations.

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