Laser PRO Sample

As a sample for Laser PRO toolhead an "Amsterdam" engraving on plywood was selected. If you are not a ZMorph VX user you can still make this sample. Gcode file is linked for download at the bottom of this article.


For this sample we will need:

  • Laser PRO Toolhead
  • Plywood 100x200x6 mm (included with CNC starter pack)
  • CNC PRO Work Table
  • 3D Printed L shaped ZMorph Clamps (included with CNC starter pack)
  • 4 M4 Screws with rectangular nuts
  • Allan Hex Key Size 3
  • Protective Glasses

This sample takes about 20-25 minutes to complete, 15 minutes of preparation and 5 minutes of engraving.

Step by step instruction:

Any toolhead or a 3D printing heated bed should be dismounted from the machine before proceeding.

  1. Prepare a set of two L shaped clamps, four M4 screws with rectangular nuts and Allan Hex Key Size 3.


  1. Put two of screws in slides along the longer side on both clamps. Like presented in the photo below.


  1. Put rectangular nuts on all four screws.
  2. Put the CNC aluminum work table in front of you in the same position as it will be mounted on the machine.
  3. Mount the clamps, as presented in the photo below, by sliding the screws into slots at front and back of the CNC aluminum work table. Do not tighten the screws yet.


  1. After positioning the clamps, tighten two screws on only one of the clamps.
  2. Put the work piece between the clamps. In this case, it will be a plywood that comes with CNC Toolhead starter pack.


  1. By manually pressing the second clamp against the work piece, tighten two last screws to make the whole system rigid. If you are able to lift whole CNC aluminum work table just by holding the plywood, then preparation was made properly.
  2. Now the CNC aluminum work table can be mounted on the machine.


  1. Next step is to mount Laser PRO toolhead on the machine. If you are not sure how to change toolhead visit "Getting Started with ZMorph VX - Toolhead Swapping".
  2. After changing the toolhead in machine settings, go back to main menu (welcome menu).
  3. From this point go to "New Job".
  4. The first screen that will show up will be a file selection window. Choose Laser PRO Sample file. (examples/laser/amsterdam_laser.gcode)
  5. After file selection printer will automatically jump to main "New Job" window.
  6. Go to "Calibration" and "SET".
  7. Go back to "MOVE" menu.
  8. Position the head of the toolhead to be above the material or clamps, whichever is higher. Do it by using the arrows in "MOVE" menu. Pressing the value between arrows toggles the size of one step.
  9. When the head is in proper position use "Set Z0" function to fix the Z height.
  10. DSC_0387.JPG
  11. Remember to wear your protective glasses that are provided with Laser PRO toolhead.
  12. Now all is left is to press "PLAY".
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