Single Extruder

To present capabilities of single head 1.75 extruder we selected two sample models. First and faster is our standard Brave Astronaut. For second, more complex and longer, we selected a Sierpinski's Triangle.



For this samples we will need:

  • Single Head 1.75 Extruder with 0.3 nozzle
  • Spool of PLA filament
  • Heated Bed 250 mm

This sample takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes for Brave Astronaut and about 6 hours for Sierpinski's Triangle.

To print any of samples steps are as follow:

  1. Make sure you have proper toolhead and hated bed mounted, if you are not sure how to change toolhead visit: "Getting Started with ZMorph VX - Toolhead Swapping".
  2. Turn on your machine.
  3. If you have not calibrated your machine go to: "Manual and auto calibration" tutorial. If you already calibrated your machine go to next step.
  4. Go to "New job" menu.
  5. First screen that shows up is a file selection. Here you should go to "EXAMPLES" > "SINGLE EXTRUDER" and select one of two available gcodes.
  6. After selecting the file machine will start preheating to PLA temperature and move automatically to main "New Job" screen. Preheating of the machine is indicated by following sign.
  7. Now while machine preheats is a time to prepare the heated bed for printing. Press "PREPARE BED" button. The bed will move to maximal front position leting you apply any printing glues , like Dimafix , to increase adhesion. It is also recommended to attach an addon fan for PLA.
  8. If you have not loaded filament yet, now is the time. If you are not sure how to do it go to "Getting Started with ZMorph VX - Filament Loading"(coming soon) article.
  9. If the filament is loaded and the machine have finished pre-heating, which will be indicated by green check mark next to filament icon, all left is to press "PLAY" button.
  10. After few seconds the print will start.

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