2D Milling Operations

In Voxelizer there are four 2D milling operations: pocket, engrave, contour and face. Let’s look at them in more detail.


  • Pocket

The toolhead will mill all the material inside of the path for the specified Final depth. With the Pocket milling method option you can choose whether the tool should follow a spiral path or a path made of concentric polygons.


  • Engrave

This operation will engrave the path once. It is best suited for tools with v-shape tip or a small diameter.



  • Contour

This operation will mill the outline of the path for the desired final depth. It is possible to specify an offset distance for the tool either towards the inside or the outside of the outline.


  • Face

The Face operation is used when you have excess material that you want to remove. This operation will remove all of the material to the desired final depth.


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