Operations on models in Voxelizer

Voxelizer software allows the user to perform various operations on the imported models like removing or separating selected part of the model.

In this article all options will be shown on the examples.

First thing that needs to be done is voxelize a desired model. "Proud wolf" from "Designfeatures Club" for example.


If we would like to cut the wolf in half vertically, it would be easier to set the camera in from view position. To do this, press "1" on numerical keyboard. Following view will be set.


Right now we can start selecting the area we wish to separate or remove. To do this press and hold "Shift" button on the keyboard and left mouse button in the point you wish to start a selection box, just like shown on following GIF.square3_edit_0.gif

 Right now we can set camera on position where whole box will be visible.


Next step is to open "selection manipulation" window. It is available from "toolbars" drop down menu.


New window will show up in top right corner. There we will have two slider available. By using them, the position of the box can be changed, as presented on the GIF below.


After setting the box in proper position, one of two functions can be used:

"Remove" - to remove all voxels from selected area.

"Split" - to separate the selected area from the rest of the model.


Model after "Remove" operation.

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