Getting Started with the Laser Toolhead [Video]

ZMorph laser toolhead is able to cut and engrave various materials. With 2W of power, it can cut through 2 mm acrylic, paper, thin wood sheets and other material.


Preparations and safety measures:

  1. Edit config file on the micro SD card and set laser power to full: laser_module_max_power 1.0
    Save the file and press the Reset button.
  2. After resetting, switch it on using Select Toolhead menu on the LCD panel.
  3. Arm it in Laser Tool window in Voxelizer. Red LED light will indicate that it’s ready.
  4. Generate G-codes using Voxelizer software. Launch them with PLAY button or save to a SD card for further execution.
  5. Always remember to wear protective goggles when laser is active!


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