How to Swap Toolheads in Your 3D Printer [Video]

Step by step guide:

  1. Switch off the power using the power button at the back of the machine.
  2. Unplug the large toolhead plug (main power source) and the small toolhead plug (which power fan and carriage lights).
  3. Unscrew the M4 screw - it's held with a wingnut in front of the toolhead.
  4. Remove the toolhead, place the new toolhead and secure it by mounting the M4 screw.
  5. Plug the large main plug and the small one to the smaller socket. If you're using a dual head extruder, then plug also the second large plug (right one).
  6. Turn the power back on.

Remember to check if your new extruder is powered and ready by looking at the temperature readings on the panel. It should display temperature readouts, for example the room temperature of about 20-25 degrees Celsius.


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