Z-Axis Adjustment in ZMorph 2.0

In order to make a good 3D print, it is essential to properly calibrate the printing surface first.

ZMorph machines are calibrated before shipping, so no calibration is usually necessary in order to start 3D printing. If your machine got dis-calibrated during the transport, please follow the instructions below.


  1. Make sure that the nozzle tip and the glass bed itself are clean.

  2. Position the nozzle in the middle of the print bed, and home the Z axis. When homing the Z axis, you should watch the nozzle carefully. It should come down to the glass surface, rise up a little and go down slowly again.

    If the nozzle touches the work surface and continue to push down, it means that it’s too low. In this case, you should move the Z endstop up. Simply turn it counter-clockwise (looking from the top) in order to move it up.  

  3. Continue regulating the endstop until the nozzle barely touches the glass surface. It is commonly accepted, that distance between the nozzle and the bed should be slightly less than one sheet of paper.

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