Dissolvable Support 3D Printing - PLA + PVA


When you're using the ABS filaments in your DUAL extruder and you would like to switch it to the PLA+PVA combination, you should follow these steps to prevent your nozzle from clogging:

  1. Preheat the extruders to the 235 degrees Celsius.
  2. Feed BOTH extruders with PLA, until it flows constantly.
  3. Lower the temperature to 190 degrees Celsius and feed some more.
  4. Remove PLA from the desired extruder and feed it with PVA filament.



  1. Do not try to print PVA along with ABS filament – the temperature of the ABS will crystallize the PVA, and clog the nozzle.
  2. To use the attached preset, put the PVA into the right extruder.
  3. Do not print with PVA at high speeds. The best speed for it is around 20-30% and you can change it in the "project" tab in "extruder 2 speed".

  4. Always use the power raft with empty space set to 0, which would be printed with PVA (right extruder in the attached preset).

  5. Use the following support settings:

  6. After you generate the support structure, change its outline number to 1:
  • tick the "object selection mode",
  • LMB on the support structure,
  • go to "outline" tab,
  • click the padlock next to "outline count" parameter,
  • change it to "1".



PVA filament is great for printing supports since it is water soluble. To get the PVA dissolved easily, follow these steps:

  1. Before putting the print into water, remove any excess PVA by hand (gently), as well as printed power raft and brim – this will quicken the process
  2. Use warm water only (cold water slows the dissolution process)
  3. You can use the ultrasonic cleaner if you have one, but remember – the water needs to be changed more frequently since the cleaning process produces a lot of heat
  4. Change the water as soon as it gets "thick" with dissolved PVA
  5. When the support structure is dissolved, dry the print thoroughly and remove any threads that are left using hot air and knife.
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