Maintenance Tips for Taking Care About a 3D Printer

If you want to keep your Zmorph machine in a good condition, remember that the printer needs to be cleaned from time to time. It helps to prevent dirt, rusting and any damages. 

Also, keep your 3D printer dry as water may seriously damage it! 



When print peel off from the heatbed, it can stick to the extruder hotend. It may entail filament carbonization and soiling prints.

Preheat the extruder to 120 - 150 degrees, take it off from the printer and remove remains of filament with tweezers.


Before attempting to remove the nozzle from extruder remember to preheat it to about 150 degrees Celsius.

The nozzle may clog from time to time. This depends on the quality of plastic filament you're using. 

You should clean the nozzle periodically with a small drill. This will enable you to make sure that the nozzle isn't clogged with impurities.

Remeber to clean the inside of the nozzle when you're 3D printing with PLA. PLA filament can carbonize, especially when left idle in a heated nozzle for a long time. This might clog it completely. To prevent that use Cold Pull with Nylon or ABS filament. Extrude it, cool down to 130-140 degrees Celsius and pull it out – this should remove the clog.


After printing with ABS filament, the heatbed should be cleaned, so its surface remain even. 

Preheat the heatbed to 35-40 degrees Celsius, spray a window cleaner over the glass surface and wait a few minutes. Try to peel of the ABS leftowers with a small spatula or blade.

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