How to Secure Your ZMorph for Shipping

We recommend that you keep the original ZMorph box and its infill. It's the best and most reliable way of shipping your machine for servicing.

If you want to mail or transport your ZMorph machine to any place in the world safely, follow the instructions below.


How the printer should be packed:

  • Toolheads should be packed, so they don't have any possibility of moving during transport. When shipping, attach the toolhead to your X-carriage and make sure that it won't damage your machine
  • Block the axes so they can't move during transport. Using zip-ties to block it against sides of the machine is enough
  • Inside your package, there should be also warranty card of the machine, if it is valid
  • Secure the X-axis motor - it extends outside of machines countour so it can break easily (especially in ZMorph 2.0S and older machines)
  • Be sure to secure the screen of your machine - those are very sensitive for any shock
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