Read Before Contacting the Support Team

If you want to report an issue or ask a question regarding your ZMorph device, please remember to provide us with as much information as you can. It will help our Agents to quickly diagnose the problem.

Answers to questions below can be sent to email:

For issues with the printer please provide us with:

  1. Serial number of the device
  2. Config and firmware files
  3. Pictures or videos illustrating the issue
  4. .STL and G-Code files
  5. Description of the issue

Our Support Team may decide that certain issues require sending us your machine for servicing. Please make sure it is well secured for shipping.

For issues with the toolheads please provide us with:

  1. Type of toolhead you have problem with
  2. Material you want to process:
    - Filament for 3d Printing Toolheads
    - Material you want to engrave/cut for Laser Toolhead
    - Material you want to mill for CNC PRO Toolhead
    - Paste you want to extrude with Thick Paste Extruder
  3. Parameters of process:
    - Speeds of process
    - Temperatures (for 3d printing) - also if the covers were open or shut, cooling fans were turned on or off
    - Type of milling bit (for milling with CNC PRO)
  4. Description of the issue

For issues with the firmware/electronics please provide us with:

  1. Type of the machine, error occurs
  2. Version of your firmware (date available on main screen after restarting the machine)
  3. Description of the issue

For issues with the Voxelizer software please provide us with:

  1. Version of the Voxelizer software that you use
  2. Information about your operating system
  3. Specification of your computer
  4. Print screens of the issue, if possible
  5. Description of the issue
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    how do I calibrate the 3D printer. It is off, they y axis is not centered and pushing through the plastic front of the machine.

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