How to Avoid Cracks in ABS 3D Prints?

Sometimes ABS prints crack on account of contractility of the material. These tips will help you to avoid this issue.

1. ALWAYS close the printer covers. It helps to maintain a stable temperature inside the machine.

2. Slow down or turn off the extruder fan. You can do it simply in Voxelizer while generating gcode: use "fan ABS" or "fan off" preset.

3. Increase the temperature of the extruder to 250 degrees Celsius and heatbed to 120 degrees Celsius. 

4. Slow down the printing speed to 90% with the LCD arrows.

5. Wait until the printer cools down before taking out your print.

6. You can also consider increasing the value of "Path width" to 0.6 mm. It will help to get better-glued layers.


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