Simple 3D Printing Rules for You to Follow

Remeber to follow on these simple rules. 

  1. Before you start 3D printing, always remember to check if the toolhead is properly attached to the trolley with a M4 screw and a wingnut.

  2. Make sure the filament spool rotates freely.
  3. Make sure the Z axis is well calibrated.
  4. If your prints don't stick to the glass bed, click here
  5. Make sure you set proper 3D printing temperatures. 
  6. For PLA filament, use the full power of cooling fan when printing, which improves quality of overhangs.
  7. For ABS filament, use less than 50% of the cooling fan power – this prevents breaks between layers.
  8. Keep the plastic cover closed for 3D printing with ABS and open them for PLA filament.
  9. If you're 3D printing with PLA with the covers closed, you should decrease the temperature both for hotend and heated bedby by 10 degrees Celsius.
  10. Every time you pause or finish working with your 3D printer make sure that the heating is turned off. Still filament can damage the extruder hotend when it remains heated. 
  11. We highly recommend printing from SD cards. Sometimes the connection between PC/Mac and the printer may be interrupted, which makes printing directly from a micro SD card more reliable. 
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