Using BuildTak for 3D Printing with Power Raft

Many users find that BuildTak sheet put on the glass bed helps them with ABS and PLA prints. We also recommend it for 3D printing with the power raft function on.

You can choose the support structure when generating the print code in Voxelizer software. The raft creates a platform that is easy to pick up off the print bed, thanks to its loose texture.

The image below shows how a raft can look like. It makes it easy to remove your print when it's finished.


After adding BuildTak surface, don’t forget to adjust nozzle height by turning Z-endstop screw (counter clockwise – check this article for details). You need to raise it to compensate the thickness of additional surface. 


BuildTak is a great addition to your ZMorph machine. When set up properly, it can last for hundreds of prints. That’s what manufacturers of BuildTak recommend when using it.


Finding the "sweet spot" for BuildTak 3D prints 

When using BuildTak sheets it's important to remember that there are optimal settings that need to be (re)discovered and printing profiles that may need some adjusting to work. There's a "sweet spot" between the nozzle height, temperature and even speed which users need to find on their own.

It should not be assumed, that printing on BuildTak is the same as printing on masking tape or kapton. For instance, experienced 3D printers often like to have a lot of "smoosh" on their first layer or two. This is not required (even forbidden) with BuildTak, in fact the result of too much "smoosh" is that your prints will stick too well. It requires some trial and error using test prints.

If the prints stick so hard that they damage the sheet when you try to remove them, then the settings should be adjusted - the nozzle height is probably too close to the printing bed.

For new BuildTak users, we recommend starting at a nozzle height of at least 0.20~0.25mm and running some test prints first. If the first layer is not sticking well (which you'll see right away), then you can reduce the nozzle height in increments until it sticks. It's always better to get test prints that don't stick than ones that stick too well, since you can tell right away if it will be an issue.

Once the "sweet spot" is found, the BuildTak sheets have the potential to last for hundreds of hours.

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