Swapping Toolheads in Zmorph 2.0 SX

In order to exchange your currently used toolhead to a different one, please follow these simple steps.

Turn on the machine, go to “Settings” > “Change Toolhead” menu and tap “Park Tool” icon.

IMPORTANT - before removing any toolhead be sure you remove all the accessories attached to it (like fans or a touch probe) FIRST.

Turn off the machine and detach all the connectors from the toolhead: LEFT and A (also RIGHT and B if those are connected too - it applies to Dual extruder and Laser toolhead).

Secondly, take an M4 hex screwdriver and unscrew the toolhead from the carriage.

Finally, take off the toolhead. Now you can repeat those steps in the reversed order to attach the new toolhead. Don't forget to mount M4 screw back and make sure you connect plugs according to stickers. Also please note that the toolhead is pressed against aluminium X-carriage.

When you have new toolhead mounted, turn on the machine. Go to “Settings” > “Change Toolhead” and choose the appropriate icon for your toolhead.

You are ready to fabricate!

Don't forget to adjust the z-axis endstop after each toolhead swap

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