Getting Started: Gcode Display in Voxelizer

G-code display is the third and final stage in Voxelizer software before you can start 3D printing. In upper right corner of this window you can see the estimated printing time, filament usage and amount of layers that will be extruded to fabricate your model.


As you can see on the image, in the previous tab we chose Box for our bottom layer.

On images below, you can see examples of a direct correlation between the infill ratio and printing time when all other values and settings stay the same. We checked the results for 100%, 50% and 0% of infill ratio.

Two important menus visible automatically after entering the G-code Display are Head position and Temperature control. If their buttons remain inactive, it means that the printer has not been connected with your computer and software. Connection menu can be found in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Head Position
This menu helps you to control the position of the toolhead, its position, travel speed and its extrusion.

X, Y and Z buttons in the corner can be used for homing each of the axes individually. The "A" button homes all the axis at once.

E and R buttons stand for extrusion and retraction. By default, pressing these buttons will move 5 mm of the filament down for extrusion or up for retraction. You can change this amount by typing in the value in the boxes below. Make sure that your extruders are well heated before using these options!

You can control different movement speeds in the XY and Z speed windows. This will change how quickly the different axis will move during non-operative moves (when the filament is not being extruded).

The position of the toolhead can be controlled by navigating within the navigation square. It’s shape and size corresponds with the surface ZMorph’s worktable.

When your printer is connected to the computer and Voxelizer software, it will respond and move the toolhead to the desired location. As shown in the images, when you click the middle of the worktable space, the toolhead moves above it. The same will happen if you, for example, click the upper right corner of the worktable space in the menu window.


Temperature Control
When printing or warming up the machine with Voxelizer software, temperature control bars show you current temperature of the heated worktable and both extruders as well as the value it will be adjusted. You can choose the different temperature and type it in manually or just press heater button. When the heater is on, the button will be green and you will see a live view of the actual temperature.

Select printer
When printing with Voxelizer software, you have the option to select which exact printer model you’re going to use with it. It’s compatible with RepRap printers and all ZMorph machines. Whichever machine you’re using, always remember to choose the correct one with the kind of heated worktable it has (<P> button).


G-code File Management
By choosing proper icons in this part of the screen, you can open and save your files to your computer or SD card.

There are various ways to transfer your files with these options. You can move them from your computer to an SD card, to ZMorph’s built-in memory card, external drives or even print directly from Voxelizer software, which requires keeping your computer connected to the machine for the whole process. In order to start printing directly from Voxelizer software simply press Play button.

You can also search our Knowledge Base for an advanced tutorial for printing through IP address as well as other advanced tutorial for Voxelizer software.


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