Fan Adjustments During Printing Process in ZMorph 2.0 SX

Print cooling is an essential part of getting good quality. Your ZMorph 2.0 SX offers different options for adjusting fan addon settings.

First of all, make sure that you have a fan connected to your X carriage and also that the A plug is connected to the extruder. Now, when you start your print, you can cycle through three different fan settings:

  • AUTO - fan speed is based on settings implemented in actually printed .gcode file
  • ON - fan is turned on to full speed all the time
  • OFF - fan is turned off all the time

TIPS on how to use cooling

  • PLA requires high fan speed all the time (and opened covers).
  • ABS should have fan turned off, or at a minimum speed - strong cooling might cause print to crack and warp from printing bed.
  • When printing a lot of overhangs raise the fan's speed.
  • Turn off fan when printing bottom layers (always) - with cooling on, the material might warp and unstick from printing bed.

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