Error and Warning Screens in ZMorph 2.0 SX Explained

In this tutorial, you will find explanations and solutions for all possible warnings and errors appearing on the LCD touchscreen.


Our implemented Closed Loop System detected blockage of one of the axes for more than five seconds and stopped current operations. Reset the printer and check what blocked the axis.


This warning appears when read temperature is higher than 260 degrees Celsius.
Reset the machine, wait for hotend to cool down and try again.
If the error repeats, contact the support (there might be a problem with thermistor or hotend).


This warning appears when you want to extrude plastic with too low temperature on your nozzle. This warning is set to appear at a temperature lower than 150 degrees CelsiusWait for the temperature to stabilize and if it’s not rising, check the thermistor.



This screen appears when your internal electronics reaches the temperature of 65 degrees Celsius or higher. You can skip this warning, but we recommend to reset the printer, flip over the machine and check if the cooling fan is working.


Appears when loading a gcode file, without homing instruction at the beginning (G28). 
Tap “Ok” to start the homing procedure, the toolhead will home itself in the center of the working table.
Tap the arrow to return to previous menu.


Appears when machine detects different toolhead set than the one connected to it. The machine remembers last used toolhead and will detect if there is different type of toolhead connected.
This warning shows also when there is no toolhead connected.

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