How to Update the Firmware in ZMorph 2.0 SX

You can update your ZMorph 2.0 SX firmware in two ways - manually or automatically.

Before upgrading your firmware, please make sure you backup all the files (especially config!) on a micro SD card or an external drive.

Automatic firmware Update:

  1. Connect the printer to the computer, using the provided USB A-B cable
  2. Open up Voxelizer software and click CONNECT
  3. When you are asked to update your firmware click "Yes"
  4. Wait for the progress bar to load, and reset the printer

NOTE: If Voxelizer shows warning that your sd card is not available, please be patient and check again after a minute or two.



Manual firmware Update:

  1. Download the archive from attachments and extract the files into the desired folder.
  2. You should get the following files:

  3. Connect the printer to the computer, using the provided USB A-B cable.
  4. Copy the “FIRMWARE.bin” file into the main printer directory (do not change the extension).
  5. Reset the printer.

 LCD Touch Screen Update (advanced) - not required

  1. Copy the “DWIN_SET” folder to a microSD card. Make sure that the card is formatted in the FAT32 file system.
  2. Remove M3 screw mounting the cover. The only screw you need to remove is in the upper right corner of the screen (BEHIND LCD), when watching from the front of the machine. Please note that you need to have M3 hex screwdriver with Ball ending.
  3. Take the cover, and gently rotate it to the right to reveal hidden microSD card slot.
  4. Insert the microSD card into the slot on the right side of the LCD touchscreen.
  5. During the update process, the screen will turn blue for about a minute and will show all uploaded images sequentially.
  6. The updating process is finished when the start screen with ZMorph logo shows. You can then remove the microSD card from the slot and mount the cover back.

Updated on 10.09.2016

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