Swiss Cheese CNC Lamp

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create files for cutting a Swiss Lamp out of plywood boards. What you will need for this tutorial:

  • CNC PRO toolhead
  • 2mm milling cutter (single flute) - added by default to every CNC PRO toolhead
  • 6mm thick plywood: 200x200 - 5 plates; 3 plates for side parts (6 of them), one plate for top and one plate for bottom

Before we begin, familiarize yourself with this tutorial, in which you can find description of milling parameters that are possible to be set for 2d milling.

First of all, download .zip file from the bottom of this website. Inside you can find either .dxf files for creating your own gcode files or use already prepared gcode files for milling. Also make sure that your Voxelizer software is up to date (help->check for updates”).

Start Voxelizer software and switch to 2d milling workflow. Drag & Drop first file from downloaded package. The order of milling parts is not important, but please remember to repeat the milling until you have 6 side parts, one bottom and one top plate.

According to mentioned before tutorial, parameters that we should set are Work speed, travel z, material height, repeat count and cutting depth. For plywood plates 6mm thick we propose settings as listed below:

  • Work speed: 6mm/s
  • Travel z: 8mm
  • Material height: 6mm
  • Repeat count: 3
  • Cutting depth: 2mm

When the parameters are set, you can generate your gcode and start milling your file. 


  • Safety first! Read this tutorial before starting any work with CNC PRO
  • Preparing your machine for CNC Milling is described in this article
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