How to Prepare the Thick Paste Extruder for ZMorph 2.0 SX

In this tutorial, you will learn how to prepare your machine for using it with our Thick Paste Extruder.

First of all, fold back the locking wings. Pull the syringe’s piston out. Now, fill the syringe with desired thick paste and insert the piston back. Make sure that the piston is in top position - you can rotate the trapezoidal screw manually. Watch out when you put the piston in - the paste might start flowing.

Attach the syringe mount to the X carriage the same way as any toolhead and connect the cable from extruder to the left socket. Choose appropriate toolhead on the machine, by tapping Settings > Change Toolhead and choose Ceramics (it is on the second page - move down by tapping the arrow on the right).

Now you can attach printing surface to glass bed. You can use a sheet of paper, waffle, cookie or anything else. When it’s attached, push the syringe into the mount, but please do it carefully to avoid damaging the screw protruding from the top of the stepper motor. Adjust the Z axis endstop so the nozzle end is around 0.5-1mm above it.

Now your machine is ready for printing with thick pastes!


A few tips on printing with thick pastes:

  • The thicker the paste, the easier it is to print in 3D with it. More liquid pastes are meant to print only flat images.
  • For 3d printing, don’t use infill lower than 60% - any top surface will collapse on lower infill.
  • If your paste is not sticking well, slow down the print.
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