Printbed Leveling Procedure for ZMorph 2.0 SX

If your prints are not sticking evenly on the printing platform, there is a possibility to adjust the level of it, by following these simple steps.

The leveling procedure can be made in two ways - half automatic, and fully manual.

To perform the leveling, you will need:

  1. Cross-tipped screwdriver
  2. Touch Probe addon for automatic calibration (with cable adapter when using single Plastic Extruder) or,
  3. A sheet of paper for manual calibration


Turn on the machine, go to Settings > Calibration menu. Wait for the Z-axis to home itself and moving to the top.

Connect provided cable adapter to the right socket and to the B plug of the carriage.
NOTE 1: If you are using Dual extrusion toolhead, you must connect the “B” plug from the carriage to the appropriate cable from the extruder.

NOTE 2: Please make sure that the B-plug is connected correctly and that all four pins are of good quality.

Install Touch Probe addon, previously removing Fan if it was connected. Please note that the metal part of touchprobe should touch the toolhead's nozzle. The machine will start calibration sequence immediately after connecting touchprobe module. Wait for the machine to finish probing. There should be three point measured three times each. When the probing is finished, rotate screws accordingly to displayed bed preview. Also rotate the Z-axis endstop screw following values shown on the screen.

Repeat the probing procedure, until shown value for each screw, is less than 30 degrees.

Remember to remove the touchprobe after finished calibration process. Also detach the cable adapter (it can be left when printing with single extruder).

NOTE: Since the probing procedure checks also nozzle height, before repeating the sequence, you must detach the touchprobe as is instructed on the screen.


Turn on the machine, go to Settings > Calibration menu. Wait for the Z-axis to home itself and tap the “I don’t have touch probe” icon.

Now you can move the toolhead into one of five positions (corners and middle of printing table). When the toolhead stops moving, take a sheet of paper, and try to stick it in between printing nozzle and printing bed. Correct bed height makes it possible to stick to the paper, but there should be a little friction between the sheet of paper and nozzle. If the height is not good, adjust the bed height by turning one of the three screws in an appropriate direction.

Repeat the steps for all the corners and in the end for the middle of the table, until the friction in every point is the same.

NOTE: The printing table should be clean before beginning the operation. Any dirt coating the bed will distort measurements.

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