Extruders Wiring Diagram

Below you can see how electrical connections in standard ZMorph plugs look like.

If you would like to create your custom designed toolhead, you can use this diagram for reference.

Pins you see in the diagram will let you control:

-> One stepper motor - MOTOR COIL 1 and 2 (make sure that your motor has similar specification)

-> One sensor (temperature or proximity) - THERMISTOR

-> One power element (driven by powerful MOSFET - 14A 24V) - HEATER

-> Two smaller power consuming elements (driven by smaller, MOSFETS - 4A 24V) - FAN 1 and FAN 3

Plug above shows LEFT plug of the extruder. When it comes to RIGHT plug, the FAN 1 is replaced with FAN 2, and in place of FAN 3 there is TP (TouchProbe sensor).

Some gcode commands that might be also useful for custom-designed toolhead:

-> M106 Snnn - set FAN 1 speed to nnn (value from 0 to 255)

-> M107 - FAN 1 turn off

-> M150/151 - turn FAN 2 on/off

-> M152/153 - turn FAN 3 on/off

-> M907 - set motor current (maximum 2A)

-> M92 Ennn or Annn - set steps per mm for extruder LEFT (E) or RIGHT (A)

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