How to Prepare the Laser Toolhead for Zmorph 2.0 SX

If you would like to use our laser toolhead, follow these simple steps to prepare the machine.

First of all, change your currently used toolhead to Laser Toolhead by following this tutorial. Now, when you have changed your toolhead, prepare the work surface. You can use the standard glass printing bed for it, but we recommend changing it to our plywood table or putting some cardboard on top of it (laser beam might bounce from shiny surfaces!).



Now, attach the material you want to engrave or cut to the worktable, and adjust the Z-axis endstop, so the bottom of the toolhead is a little over worktable surface (maximum 1mm). Move your z-axis up to avoid collision with material and move your worktable forward (Settings > Machine Servicing > Table cleaning & removal).

Now attach the material, you can simply use double-sided tape.



Now, home your machine in X and Y axis, tap the “Arm Laser” icon in the touchscreen menu. The red LED on top of the toolhead should now light up. You are ready to go!



  • Put on protective glasses BEFORE starting the process, and remember to keep the machine in a well-ventilated room to avoid accumulation of fumes. Make sure all other people in the room are also wearing protective goggles!
  • More safety guidlines for laser cutting and engraving can be found here


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