Text engraving

Thanks to implemented into voxelizer feature, you can engrave your own text using Laser Toolhead. In this tutorial you will learn how to create such files.

What you will need:

  • Laser toolhead
  • Newest version of Voxelizer software
  • Material to engrave on (parameters are set for engraving in 100x200x20 wooden block, available in CNC Bits & Materials Bundle)

First, start your Voxelizer software and change to laser cutting workflow. Let’s start with text input. To do this, click add text button in edit mode toolbar. Write whatever you want and press OK button. The text will be added in 0,0 position. To move it click expandable list called edit mode and choose move. Move it around with left mouse button pressed and set it to desired position. Scale it up or down with green slider.

Now we can move to the engraving parameters. All of them are described in detail in this tutorial so we will only focus on specific parameters:

  • Work speed: 4mm/s
  • Material height (including mounting double-sided tape): 20.5mm
  • Center X: 117.5mm
  • Center Y: 125mm
  • Width (material Y dimension): 200mm
  • Depth (material X dimension): 100mm


When all necessary parameters are set, you can click GENERATE LASER PATHS button and inspect your generated gcode. Finally, save it and copy to your machine or engrave directly from Voxelizer software, by choosing appropriate button from PLAY menu.


  • Safety is most important! Please read our Basic safety guides before you start using Laser Toolhead
  • If you don’t know how to prepare your machine (ZMorph 2.0 SX) for using with laser toolhead, go to this tutorial
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