Available workflows overview

In the upper mid-section of the Voxelizer software you can find the workflow menu. This menu gives access to special tools designed for working with various toolheads that can be mounted on ZMorph multitool 3D printer.


Here’s a list of available workflows and their functions:

3D printing – dedicated 3D printing with single 1.75 or 3.00 extruders as well as Dual-head and Dual PRO toolheads.

3D milling – dedicated a CNC PRO toolhead, whenever you want to mill 3D objects or 2.5D objects like reliefs.

2D milling – dedicated a CNC PRO toolhead, whenever you want to mill flat objects or cut in the material.

Laser cutting – dedicated to laser cutting soft materials as well as engraving with a laser toolhead. Results depend on the thickness of the used materials.

Chocolate/ceramics – dedicated to thick paste extruder. Users can fill it with various thick pastes, such as chocolate or ceramics. Depending on the material, different speed and options need to be applied.

Calibration – dedicated to calibrating the machine with a touch probe add-on mounted underneath the X-axis carriage.

Time-lapse – dedicated to time-laps rail add-on. It helps to control the time-lapse rail equipment and record a making of the print.

Image etching – helps to transform images into paths that can be laser-cut or engraved with laser toolhead.

Scanning – dedicated to ZMorph 3D Scanner. It can connect the device to the computer and ZMorph multitool 3D printer here and start digitalizing real-life objects.

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