2D Milling in Voxelizer: Advanced Settings

Starting from Voxelizer 1.4.16 version, in 2d milling workflow appeared tick box that shows advanced options of milling. In this tutorial we will describe every parameter in detail.

As you can see the settings can be divided into three features: Offset, Hatching and Approach.


It is distance added to original drawing, to maintain real size of object. This parameter is set to half diameter of used cutter in most cases. Below you can see difference between offset parameter set to 0mm, 0.5mm and 1.5mm accordingly


Option that will find closed loops in your file and then generate paths that would be infill of those loops.

Hatching settings are as follows:

  • hatching type: determines whether the hatching should be done, and if it should be outside or inside found loops. Below you can see the difference between options


  • hatching angle: determines at what angle the lines of hatching are generated


  • hatching space: determines space between each hatching line, generally it depends from your milling bit diameter. This parameter can't be set higher than your milling bit diameter (it will leave unmilled lines between generated hatching)


  • hatching offset: determines distance between hatching lines and outline


  • connect hatching (tickbox): determines whether hatching lines should be connected or separate



Option that determine approach of milling cutter to the surface of material. Appropriate approach of milling bit ensures good quality of milling.

Approach settings are as follows:

  • approach type: determines patch of tool approach. Can be either vertical (only in Z axis) or "along chain" (milling tool approaches the surface along chain of milled curve)


  • approach length: determines length of approach move, only applies to "along chain" type of approach


  • approach angle: angle between Z axis and surface of material along which the tool will move, only applies to "along chain" type of approach


  • approach on each layer (tickbox): determines whether approach should be "along chain" on each pass (layer), only applies when "along chain" is chosen. When turned off, first layer would be done using "along chain", rest will be milled with "vertical" approach (side view on screens)



  • Basic functions available in 2d milling workflow are described in this article
  • Safety first! Read this article before starting any milling
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