Cura 2 - using with ZMorph machines

Some users prefer to use different slicing software than our Voxelizer software.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to prepare Cura 2.x slicing software for using it with ZMorph machines. In the attachment you will find profiles and preconfigured machine for printing with single 1.75mm extruder.

First of all, install Cura software on your computer, download attached archive and extract it anywhere.

Now, find on your hard drive Cura 2.1 folder (by default it's "C://Program Files" for 64-bit system) and open up "resources -> machines" folder.

Copy "zmorph.json" file from extracted archive to "machines" folder. File you have copied contains information about basic dimensions of your machine, as well as start/end lines of gcode. 

Now go back, and open "profiles" folder. Replace existing "materials" folder with one provided in archive.

Last thing you need to do is import printing profile. Open up Cura software, click "Profile -> Manage Profiles". Click "Import" button and choose extracted "ZMorph_normal.curaprofile" file.

Your Cura software is ready for work with ZMorph machines!


  • Tutorial describes method for Windows OS. For MAC/Linux OS, names of folders and it's locations will differ, but general rule is the same
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