Laser cut stickers

In this tutorial you will learn how to cut some neat stickers that you can then stick to anything - notebook, wardrobe etc.

What you will need:

  • ZMorph Laser Toolhead
  • Sticky foil (any color except for very bright ones like white)
  • .dxf file with pattern for your sticker - samples to download can be found below

At the beginning download or create the dxf file of desired sticker. Drag and drop it to your Voxelizer software and change workflow to laser cutting. Also you can always scale it up or down and move it around worktable.

First of all you need to change the speeds of cutting. Travel speed can be set as default, but the workspeed greatly depends from the material absorbance. The higher absorbance of the material we would like to cut/engrave, the higher the speed of cutting can be. Absorbance greatly depends from the color of it, if it’s darker, it absorbs more light.

For cutting PVC sticky foil, speed enough for cutting through varies between 4 and 6 mm/s. In attached gcode files work speed is set to 5mm/s.

Now set the material dimensions. X and Y dimension is dependent from desired sticker size. Thickness of the material is very low when it comes to cutting sticky foil. So setting it to 1mm is value that would ensure good laser focus.

After setting all parameters, click GENERATE LASER PATHS button on the bottom of the window and start your cutting!


  • Safety is most important! Please read our Basic safety guides before you start using Laser Toolhead
  • If you don’t know how to prepare your machine (ZMorph 2.0 SX) for using with laser toolhead, go to this tutorial
  • All engraving parameters are decribed in detail in this tutorial
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