ZMorph 2.0SX Package Content

In this article you will find a list with short description of every element added to your ZMorph 2.0SX machine.

Package includes:

  • ZMorph 2.0SX - the machine itself
  • Toolhead box - any additional toolhead ordered with your 2.0SX machine will be in its individual package
  • Buildtak envelope - package with Buildtak printing surface
  • Plywood table - added to machines with CNC PRO or Laser Toolhead, can be purchased additionally
  • Power supply cable - cable used to connect machine with your power socket
  • USB A-B cable - cable used to connect machine with PC/MAC
  • Ethernet cable - cable used to connect machine with your network
  • Filament package - material for your 3d printing projects in 1kg spools
  • Toolbox - a container for most used tools with your 3d printer

Toolbox includes:

  • 4x hex key - allen keys used for various tasks: changing toolhead (M4), attaching spool holders (M3) etc.
  • nozzle key - key used for holding down heating block of extruder while changing the nozzle
  • tweezers - tool for cleaning leftovers of filament from nozzle or printing bed
  • blade - spatula for removing finished prints
  • brush - used for either applying abs juice on worktable or cleaning the machine after milling
  • 3x keys - flat wrenches for: changing the DUAL PRO nozzle (wrench 8), changing single extruder nozzle (wrench 10), changing milling bit (wrench 13)
  • screwdriver - cross-tipped screwdriver for bed level calibration
  • touchprobe - device for automatic bed calibration
  • touchprobe cable - adapter for connecting B-socket of X-carriage to right socket of the machine
  • aluminium spool holders sets - spool holders mounted on the top of your ZMorph
  • 2x cooling fans - cooling fans for printing, can be mounted in front and back of X-carriage, more tips on using cooling can be found here
  • drill holder - handle for using with drill
  • 0.4 drill - drill used for cleaning nozzle
  • Y belt tension tool - tool for tensioning the Y-belt when necessary
  • pellets for ABS juice - glass jar with ABS pellet for making ABS juice
  • SD card - storage device for machine usage without cable connection to PC
  • foam tape - used for attaching material when CNC milling or Laser cutting
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