X-Carriage Cable Holder

This x-carriage free add-on was designed to improve auto-calibration stability and protect sensitive parts of the x-carriage.

The first step is to download the STL file, downloadable at the bottom of this article.

The file should be printed using PET-G filament, it is highly recommended due to high heat and fatigue resistance.

When you already have the part, turn off the machine and dismount the extruder from the x-carriage. Turn machine around so you can approach the x-carriage from the back like presented in the photo below.


Unscrew one of the screws using hex allan key size 2.5 (provided with machine tools)


While holding the printed gray cover, unscrew the second screw.


Prepare the part by arming it with previously unscrewed screws and two zip ties. A zip tie can be maximally 2,5 mm wide and at least 50 mm long.


Attach the assembled part to the x-carriage and screw back the screws.




Guide the cables through the grooves and tighten the zip ties, it is easier to use pliers to pull the zip ties.



It is important to position the head of the zip tie just like presented in the photo below.


Now you can cut off the leftover of the zip tie.cableholder_011.jpgcableholder_012.jpg

The machine is ready to use.

Remember to calibrate the printer after mounting any toolhead again and to remove the calibration cable after the calibration.

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