Using DICOM medical files

With Voxelizer you can easily visualize and manipulate DICOM medical files, which you can later 3D print. Let’s see the process.

Go to File → Import → Medical data and choose the folder which contains you .dcm files.



Adjust the scale and the density threshold. Use the different visualizations to check precisely which level of data to keep.



If you don’t want to import all the model, you can use the clipping planes to discard some of the parts that are not necessary. You will be able later to further refine the results in the Settings area.



Voxelize the DICOM after specifying the desired voxel size.  A low value will lead to a more precise representation at the cost of a higher time of computation, where a bigger size will lead to the opposite. 0.24 mm is a good compromise.



Once you have voxelized your data you can prepare you model for 3D printing. Take advantage of voxel selection and 3D filters. In this example we have removed the undesired parts of the model first with voxel selection and then with the Remove small objects filter. To reduce the amount of support you can rotate your object in the Voxel transformations panel. Or try the Pyramid support to get a solid model ready to stand on the table.


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