Hatching images


With a laser and Voxelizer you can hatch images on your materials.


In the laser workflow go to File → Import → Image. After choosing the image that you want to hatch, a new window will appear.



First, scale and position the image on your material.



Now choose how you want the laser to render your image. Choose the generate type from:

  • Intensity: This divides the image in pixels to the size  specified in the pixel size parameter and will fill the pixels with straight lines. A black pixel will be filled with the number of lines specified in the lines per pixel parameter, a white pixel will have no lines. Beware of the risk of overburning the material if the lines are too dense.  
  • Edges: The algorithm will try to detect the edges of the image and create a path on top of them. Play with the parameters to improve the edge detection (here is a detailed explanation of the parameters).
  • Hatching: This will look for areas with uniform colors and apply a hatching effect to them. The levels count parameter determines the number of areas it should look for.
  • Hatching + edges: This puts the hatching and edges types together.

Remember, you can also influence the results of the algorithms by changing the saturation values in the sliders at the top of the window.



Once you have decided the desired type of render, you can confirm it and click Next. Now, In the Laser settings tab, you can choose the material that you will work with and apply an Engrave operation to the generated path. Hatching inside and Hatching outside will not work in this case.


Finally, click Next to generate the g-code to send to your machine.


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