Newest Firmware and LCD

We recommend keeping your ZMorph VX firmware up to date for best product experience. Here you will always find the latest firmware with a detailed list of improvements and a step-by-step guide for updating your ZMorph.

How to update the firmware and LCD screen:

  1. Download the newest firmware from the bottom of this article.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Copy LCD folder and firmware.bin file to main directory of SD card.
  4. Turn on the machine.
  5. Insert SD card into the slot next to the LCD screen
  6. Message about firmware update detection should appear and the 30 seconds countdown should start, after this time the update will begin automatically. Press 'Yes' to proceed. The machine will start updating the firmware. You shouldn't remove the SD card, turn off or reset the printer during this process.
  7. After finished update the machine should restart itself.
  8. Message about the screen update should appear. Press 'Yes'. The machine will start updating the LCD screens. You shouldn't remove the SD card, turn off or reset the printer during this process. This process may take up to 60 minutes.
  9. After the successful update turn off and on the printer. Now the machine is ready to work.


Change log:

Release 15/05/2018

Interface changes:

  • Added reactions on button press
  • Changed filament 'Load/unload' screen
  • Changes in file selection menu
  • Changes in heatup icons
  • Changed 'Maintenance' menu for CNC, Laser and Thick Paste toolhead
  • Reorganized 'New job' menu
  • Reorganized 'Change tool' menu
  • Added 'Move' menu

New functionality:

  • Added optional calibration pattern print after autocalibration
  • Added mill change functionality during single G-code file
  • Added additional information screen after selecting gcode prepared for CNC
  • Added detection of incompatibilities of chosen file and toolhead
  • Added message about using fan for PLA prints
  • Added 'Axis blockage' message when X or Y axis is jammed
  • Added 'Restore factory default' function in calibration menu

Functionality changes:

  • Autocalibration speed increased
  • Changed speed for retractions and extrusion
  • Added minor extrusion before removing filament to avoid jamming the filament in the extruder
  • While CNC toolhead job - setting spindle power to 0% is blocked
  • Improved autocalibration messages (detection of proper connection)
  • Improved waiting for the hotend or hotbed temperature reached
  • Improved safety warnings for CNC and Laser jobs
  • Fixed white screen while heating up the extruder from maintenance menu
  • Slightly improved axes movement algorithm
  • Switching from laser to another toolhead doesn't need printer restart.
  • Slightly improved filament changing algorithm
  • Prepare bed button now moves hotbed back and forth for easier access to whole heatbed surface
  • Now hotbed heater won't be disabled due to user inactivity while changing filament during the job
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