G-code voxelization and export to STL

In this article we will see two uncommon features of Voxelizer: G-code voxelization and export to STL. The first lets you take a G-code file and reconstruct the original model from that, the second lets you export a voxel object to the popular STL format. Let's see in the following tutorial how we can use both.

Let's say you have a G-code file but you have somehow lost the original 3D model which you still would like to use. You can use Voxelizer to roll-back from the G-code to the model. Just load you G-code, in the GCODE view select the Voxelize gcode panel, click on Voxelize and choose the voxel size for the algorithm (a small value will produce a more precise result but it will also take more time. The default 0.10 is usually a good value). The software will create a new voxel object in the SETTINGS view. 



Of course the generated object will keep something from the original G-code: you could somehow see the layers and, in this example, the power-raft has also been voxelized. However we can use Voxelizer's filters and voxel manipulation to make it look closer to the original mesh.



Now you could use this model again, applying to it other filters or printing settings and generate  a new G-code file. But maybe you want a mesh file that you can use also with other programs. In this case you can use the export to STL feature of Voxelizer. Just select the object that you want to export and go to File->Export->mesh (.stl). Now you have a mesh geometry generated from a voxel object. 




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