Preparing the worktable

Before starting a new project, it is good to prepare the surface of the worktable to clean it of material residues from previous projects and apply a fresh layer of adhesive. This will ensure achieving the best surface quality of the printed model.

  • When starting 'New Job', skip the file selection in the 'Choose File' menu by pressing the 'NEXT' button.

new_job.bmp  next.bmp

  • Start cleaning the worktable by setting it in the front of the printer by pressing the 'Prepare Bed' button.


  • Wait until the worktable stops.


Note: Positioning the worktable works in two variants. Pressing the 'Prepare Bed' button will move it forward or backward. The variants are changing with every click on 'Prepare Bed' button.


  • Clean the surface from material residues and get rid of all greasy spots. For this purpose, use a spatula and a paper towel with alcohol-based glass cleaner.


  • Apply a thin layer of an adhesive agent to the worktable.


  • The table is ready for 3D printing.
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