Starting the print

After uploading the file to an internal card or inserting an external SD card with the prepared file:

  • Choose 'New Job’,


Note: If the user inserted the external SD card the screen should jump forward to the 'Choose File' menu screen on the 'EXTERNAL’ directory.

Note: If there was no previously chosen file, after pressing on the 'New job' menu the screen will go directly to the 'Choose File' menu.

  • Choose 'Choose file’, 


  • Files uploaded to the internal SD card are located in the 'INTERNAL’ tab, files uploaded to the SD card are located in the 'EXTERNAL’ tab,


  • Select the prepared Gcode file,


Note: Folders will also be visible in the 'Choose File' menu. To enter a folder just select its name.

  • If the prepared file or folder is not visible on the list press the up/down arrow buttons to navigate through the file list,


  • Exiting the folder is done by selecting the folder icon with the upward-facing arrow,


  • After selecting the file choose 'NEXT’,


Note: If the selected Gcode file has temperature presets after pressing the ‚NEXT’ button the machine will automatically start preheating.

  • The table can be prepared by selecting ‚Prepare Bed’ and is described in the Preparing the worktable article,


  • Choose ‘PLAY’,


  • Printing will start automatically after the extruder and the table have reached the correct temperature.


Note: The machine first heats up the worktable and when it reach 50°C the extruder start to heat up.

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