Editing parameters during the printing process

During the printing process the user have access to basic parameters allowing him to change initial values and couple of additional functionalities:

  • During the printing process press the 'Settings’ button.


  • The 'Print Speed' slider allows you to change the print speed. Select plus to increase or minus to decrease the speed from 5% to 300% of the initial speed.


  • The 'Fan Speed’ buttons allows you to change the settings of the cooling fan, the 'ON’ button turns on the fan at 100% and the 'OFF’ button turns off the cooling fan. After pressing the 'AUTO' button, the speed of the cooling fan is set according to the gcode.


  • For additional options choose 'MORE’.


  • The Heat function allows you to change the temperature of the extruder and the table. Choose 'Heat’ and tap the needed temperature on the keyboard, then press 'OK'.



  • The 'Sleep’ function allows you to put the printer into sleep/store mode and is described in the Hibernation article.


  • To return to the previous screen, select 'LESS’ or return to the main printing screen by pressing the 'BACK’ button.


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