Pausing, resuming and cancelation during printing

  • While the machine is running, press the ‘Pause’ button on the screen to stop printing.


Note: Pause mode has no time limit. During its duration, the extruder maintains the same temperature all the time, which causes the additional material to flow out of the nozzle. and can damage the PTFE inner tube after prolonged heating.

  • Press the ‘Play’ button to continue the printing. The printer will resume the printout exactly where it was stopped.


Note: If the Pause was long the heat from the nozzle might have melted a small portion of the printed model or the spilling material from the nozzle may have settled at the nozzle stopping place.

Printing cancelation

  • To stop the print choose‚ ‘Abort’. This will terminate the printing process and turn off all heaters.


  • The printer will ask you to confirm that you want to abort the printing process. To do so, choose 'OK’.


  • If you do not want to abort the printing choose 'BACK’.

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