Removing the printout from the platform and support material removal

Removing the printout from the platform 

  • Wait until the temperature of the table drops before removing the printout from the table - this will allow you to remove the printouts without damaging them.


  • If the printout could not be removed despite the low temperature of the table, gently lift the printout with a spatula.


Note: The spatula has sharp edges that may cause the table to be drawn. When taking off the printout, lay it as parallel as possible to the table and be careful

  • Clean the table surface from material residue


Support removal

  • To be able to print models with more complex geometry, additional support is printed, which is not part of the model.


  • When the printout is complete, remove the support material carefully. Pliers are best suited for this purpose.


Note: In case of problems with removing the support, you can use a hobby carving knife.

Note: Be careful when removing the support material and always use safety goggles on your eyes. Depending on the type of the support structure parts of it might break away suddenly during the cleaning process and hit the eyes.

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