Manual calibration process - Dual PRO Extruder

Manual calibration does not require loaded filament (can be performed on an empty extruder).

  • Enter the ‘Maintenance’ menu,


  • Go to ‘Calibrate’ section,


  • Choose ‘Manual’ option,


  • Wait until the extruder reach the calibration position, on the left central part of the worktable,


  • Clean the nozzle and table from unnecessary material,


  • Take a small sheet of paper and place it between the nozzle and the worktable. Press the 'Go to current Z0' button,


  • Wait for the extruder to stabilize at the correct height,


Note: Move the paper between the nozzle and the worktable surface, if the nozzle is to low the paper won't move, if the nozzle is to high above the surface the paper sheet will be loose. The best configuration is when the piece of paper rubs against the nozzle and it's not loose.

  • Use arrows to lower or raise the extruder by 0.05mm,


Note: Be very carefull using the 'Move Z-axis' arrows, the movement of the Z-axis is slow and silent, don't press the arrow to many times cause it might damage the work table glass surface.

  • When the nozzle is at the correct height, choose 'Set new Z0' (Visual or paper verification),


  • The manual calibration process is completed, press the 'BACK' button to go back to the menu.


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