Automatic calibration process - Dual PRO Extruder

Note: Each time after changing the Single plastic extruder to Dual PRO extruder and contrariwise it is recommended to repeat the automatic calibration process.

Note: Before performing the automatic calibration make sure the worktable is clean and prepared.

Note: See the toolhead changing process before mounting the DualPRO extruder on the machine.

Note: During the automatic calibration process the printer is heating up!

  • Connect the 'LEFT' cable to the 'LEFT' frame socket and 'RIGHT' cable to the 'RIGHT' frame socket.


  • Connect the A to A and B to B toolhead plugs.


  • Enter the 'Maintenance' menu,


  • Go to 'Calibrate' section,


  • Choose 'Auto 3-point' option,


  • Wait for the machine to heat up and finish the probing,

in_progress_2.bmp  in_progress.bmp

  • To ensure the best calibration result, print the calibration pattern by pressing the 'START' button,


Note: by pressing the 'SKIP' button the user is approving the automatic calibration without visual validation. After that the calibration process ends.


  • Set the printing temperature by pressing the mceclip1.png icon, (PLA material - Nozzle 200°C, bed 60°C),


Note: It is better to perform the automatic calibration process with the PLA material but it is not necessary.

  • Depending on the material input the correct temperature value on the numerical keyboard and press 'OK',


  • Wait for extruder to heat up and press 'NEXT',


  • Use the arrow buttons on the screen to feed the material on both sides of the extruder until it start to pour out from the nozzle. (it might take a couple times), after that press the 'NEXT' button,

navi_DH.bmp next_DH.bmp

  • Wait for the machine to finish printing five calibration lines,


Note: Each one of those lines is printed on a slightly different height (+/- 0.05mm) with the middle line being the result of the automatic calibration process.

  • Look at the printed lines and select the best one by pressing their corresponding numbers visible on the screen and 'APPLY' your choice,



  • Calibration Completed,



  • Clean the worktable. Your machine is ready for your first print!


Automatic calibration failure

If none of the lines is printed correctly, please follow these steps.

  • Choose the 'NONE' option,


  • and 'APPLY' your choice.


  • A prompt on the screen will ask you to choose which line is the most acceptable. Pick one and press 'NEXT',

choose_2.bmp  next_3.bmp

  • The machine will prepare another 5 lines, depending on the choice - lower (1) or higher (5),


  • Select the best one by pressing their corresponding numbers visible on the screen and 'APPLY' your choice,


  • Calibration completed. Detach B cable,


  • If after the second round of calibration the user still choose that none of the lines are accurate, the machine will show a warning screen and advise to repeat the automatic calibration process or performe the manual calibration,


Note: If encountering any complications during the calibration process, please contact ZMorph Customer Support.

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